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Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Aimed at the Club and Professional Motorsport Racer, and everyday car user, a system designed to eliminate the need for any direct cabling from your Steering Wheel buttons to your peripherals.

The Club Spec 4S uses short range radio frequencies (RF) to ensure that a clear, uninterrupted signal is passed from your Steering Wheel Buttons to the Receiver Module irrespective of mounting position.

Unlike Infra Red, the system requires no line of sight, so it can be placed under the dashboard and out of sight. The Club Spec 4S features a black, professionally finished - incredibly light and strong FR4 PCB Button Panel Assembly with 4 coloured buttons pre-installed.

The X-Monitor SP1 large Digit timer is integrated right into the button plate with a separate dedicated button, and a selectable 12 volt 4 Channel Receiver Module thats capable of switching the 10 amp relays into three different states. You can select ALL momentary, ALL latching or 2 Momentary and 2 Latching.

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Apexi ECU

Apexi famous for there RX7 Drift car and quality performance products. Apexi PFC is the most readily tuneable ECU for the RX7 on the market and is without doubt the best priced .


Leaders in fueling, equipment to make your bang go better. Injectors and pumps etc

Haltech Engine Management

Haltech engine management systems are designed to be as universal as possible with the ability to control single cylinder motor cycles to V8 racing cars and most engines in between. It can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, naturally aspirated or turbo or supercharged engines. Name the application and in most cases Haltech can control it.


Magnecors technically advanced ignition leads.
Leads available for all rotarys, if its a non stock item Magnacor will make it for you, using the custom sheet downloadable for this section.
We stock all leads for 20b Cosmo, RX7's 1st generation, 2nd generation, turbo and EGI, 3rd generation FD and RX8.


NGK Spark Plugs are widely used across all forms of motor sport including Formula 1, Touring Cars, Rally Cars and Motorcycle Racing.

The high compression ratios and engine speeds developed in high performance racing engines require spark plugs, which can withstand overheating and mechanical shock.NGK has a range of plug types capable of withstanding these severe conditions, many using precious metals such as platinum or gold/palladium.

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