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Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Aimed at the Club and Professional Motorsport Racer, and everyday car user, a system designed to eliminate the need for any direct cabling from your Steering Wheel buttons to your peripherals.

The Club Spec 4S uses short range radio frequencies (RF) to ensure that a clear, uninterrupted signal is passed from your Steering Wheel Buttons to the Receiver Module irrespective of mounting position.

Unlike Infra Red, the system requires no line of sight, so it can be placed under the dashboard and out of sight. The Club Spec 4S features a black, professionally finished - incredibly light and strong FR4 PCB Button Panel Assembly with 4 coloured buttons pre-installed.

The X-Monitor SP1 large Digit timer is integrated right into the button plate with a separate dedicated button, and a selectable 12 volt 4 Channel Receiver Module thats capable of switching the 10 amp relays into three different states. You can select ALL momentary, ALL latching or 2 Momentary and 2 Latching.

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Fuels & lubricants

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Bosch Fueling products

Leaders in fueling, equipment to make your bang go better. Fuel pumps 040 & 044 suitable for intank and external installations. 1620cc fuel injectors.

Dexelia Oils

Dexelia oils are the only oil recognised by Mazda for the use in there RX8. Any other oil could void the manufacturers warentee.

East Coast Parts fueling accesories

E&J Autoworks, take pride in innovative products that continually push the edges of technology.
Both Rotary product customers and other industry manufacturers recognize the innovation and attention to quality that has been part of the E&J brand since we first opened our doors in 1996.
For nearly a decade, we’ve been doing business as an automobile parts manufacturer and rotary designer.
East Coat Parts performance engine upgrades.

K and N Oil filters

Originally developed for demanding auto race applications, our premium oil filter is rapidly becoming a favorite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. We’ve changed oil filters and several of our product development technicians are sportsman class drag racers. They insisted we offer an oil filter that corrected the headaches they experienced over the years changing oil filters.

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