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Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Aimed at the Club and Professional Motorsport Racer, and everyday car user, a system designed to eliminate the need for any direct cabling from your Steering Wheel buttons to your peripherals.

The Club Spec 4S uses short range radio frequencies (RF) to ensure that a clear, uninterrupted signal is passed from your Steering Wheel Buttons to the Receiver Module irrespective of mounting position.

Unlike Infra Red, the system requires no line of sight, so it can be placed under the dashboard and out of sight. The Club Spec 4S features a black, professionally finished - incredibly light and strong FR4 PCB Button Panel Assembly with 4 coloured buttons pre-installed.

The X-Monitor SP1 large Digit timer is integrated right into the button plate with a separate dedicated button, and a selectable 12 volt 4 Channel Receiver Module thats capable of switching the 10 amp relays into three different states. You can select ALL momentary, ALL latching or 2 Momentary and 2 Latching.

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299.99 (329.99)

Autosport Show @ Birmingham NEC

Autosport Show @ Birmingham NEC

We have our race car on the 750 Motor Club stand at the Autosport Show, hosted at Birminghams NEC exhibition centre.

Come see us and get involved in a great new race series.


Rotaryart have now joined forces with RoTechniks, the recent buy out now means we have their 30 years expirience of Rotary cars and the development side of our business at RotaryArt will all be made under one roof.
RoTechniks have restored and worked on the Worlds Rarest, and extreme cars.
Visit the new RoTechniks site for more information of there projects past and preasent.
Visit RoTechniks

RoTechniks remanufactured engines

RoTechniks remanufactured engines

If Carlsberg built engines they would probably get RoTechniks to do it for them:

RoTechniks are the 1st and only company UK, Europe or rest of World to offer this warrantee period. Having the correct machines, preparations and techniques for modifying and remanufacturing RoTechniks offer a 3 year or 36000 mile warrantee on their remanufactured engines.

RoTechniks consult for the MOD and employ a specialist from the oil industrty with 20 years expirience with specialist oils, and previously worked as an engineer.
RoTechniks have in house specialist oil testing & diagnostic equipment and have spent several years testing, expirimenting and diagnosing oils with rotary aplications.
RoTechniks have also designed and built their own specialist machines for servicing, maintainence on rotary and diesel engines.
We are confident you will not get a better quality rebuild.
Remanufactured engines here

RoTechniks oil

RoTechniks oil

RoTechniks for many years have bought in bulk, 1000 ltr totes of quality mineral oils for rotary cars.
Now these savings can be passed on in convenient 5 ltrs bottles.

API SL/CF4 - ACEA A3, B3, B4 - VW 505.00 - MB229.1

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RoTechniks Braekfast Club

RoTechniks is inviting friends and customers to their breakfast mornings.

Intended to be a laid back breakfast, somewhere for people to meet and chat, see who we are and what we do. For those that know this already it's a chance for some free grub and catch up with others.

Saturdays for us are our day for working on projects and catching up on work, we dont usually take on customer work, as its our only chance to do our cars.
So come down intro yourself, see what we are working on and catch up on the latest.

See you Sat, we open the doors at 9am and close 12:30

This will run the last Saturday of every month to start.

It would be nice if I could get a rough idea of how many to buy for by either posting here or email or PM
Follow link for more information.

RoTechniks Breakfast club

Light weight rotors

Light weight rotors

Coming real soon lightweight billet rotors, so far tests have proven the ability of these great performance additions.

Drag car has used and tested these with 7 sec passes and on strip down the rotors have looked as new with no visible damage.

A 500 bhp street car has used these again on first strip down after 600 miles, results look great. car has now been put back together for further mileage and testing.

New big test is the Sebring 24hr where the rotors will be tested for endurance....

These with the right mods should allow your car the rev to 14,000 - 15,000 RPM and could contribute to 15 - 20% more fuel efficiency.
East Coast rotors

East Coast Parts

East Coast Parts

East Coast Parts have appointed RotaryArt as sole UK & European distributors for their complete product range.
East Coast Parts are pioneering a wave of new rotary parts never seen before on rotaries. Their unique and innovative ideas will I’m sure pave the way for more powerful and efficient rotary’s.
Products include new unbreakable seals, lightweight billet rotors, manifols, throttle bodies amd much more.
East Coast parts

K&N Filters.

K&N Filters.

Rotaryart are authorised distributors of K&N air filters, so confident are we of there superior quality and performance gains, they are the only fitler systems we stock. And if they are good enough for Abel Ibarra. Trade enquiries welcome.
K&N Filters