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Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Club Spec 4S steering wheel auxiliary system

Aimed at the Club and Professional Motorsport Racer, and everyday car user, a system designed to eliminate the need for any direct cabling from your Steering Wheel buttons to your peripherals.

The Club Spec 4S uses short range radio frequencies (RF) to ensure that a clear, uninterrupted signal is passed from your Steering Wheel Buttons to the Receiver Module irrespective of mounting position.

Unlike Infra Red, the system requires no line of sight, so it can be placed under the dashboard and out of sight. The Club Spec 4S features a black, professionally finished - incredibly light and strong FR4 PCB Button Panel Assembly with 4 coloured buttons pre-installed.

The X-Monitor SP1 large Digit timer is integrated right into the button plate with a separate dedicated button, and a selectable 12 volt 4 Channel Receiver Module thats capable of switching the 10 amp relays into three different states. You can select ALL momentary, ALL latching or 2 Momentary and 2 Latching.

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Used Mazda RX7 1st gen cars

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RoTechniks Mazda RX7 FB MK3 for sale SOLD

Mazda RX7 FB for sale MK3 in silver. Car was bought from a 80 odd year customer who has had this car from new and was much loved. Needs a nice new owner who can give back some TLC. Body wise she is a reasonably clean car, 2 holes in the floor at the usual place underneath the rear seat, car has only approx 73,000 miles on the clock. Very clean interior. Car drove to us and runs fines, but has an oil leak from sump and oil lines.

RoTechniks RX7 FB MK3 SOLD

Mazda RX7 FB MK3 for sale, has engine but has not been started for 4-5 years, generally in good all-round condition, looking for someone to finish and enjoy this growing rarity.

RoTechniks Very rare RX7 SA SOLD

Get this while its here, very rare Mazda RX7 SA, the first generation of RX7, believed to be only 3 in the UK regestered for the road. Far to good to scrap, though I could get more for it. Engine starts but have no idea of condition, needs an interior refurb as its faded and its requires some body work, but nothing major to put this stunning rare car back on the road.

RoTechniks Elford Turbo for sale

Very rare car, Mazda RX7 FB MK2 Elford Turbo, as far as I believe only about 500 Elford turbo RX7's were ever made, this one has very little rust and has been sitting in a garage for the last 10 years, the turbos have professionally recon'd and the engine starts but is smokey, possibly due to its never been used or maybe oil control rings may need replacing.

Limited edition TWR RX7

Limited edition TWR RX7 SA, all original, only 1 in the UK to our knowledge and 1 of only 25 ever made. 1980 with 37000 miles only.

Black RX7 FB shell for sale SOLD

RX7 FB shell, very little rust in the usual places, good enough for total rebuild. Or could be turned in to track weapon. To good for a donor.

FB Methanol Dragster

The car is a 81 rx7 all metal, "this car is in super great shape, there is no bondo on this body" it still has the original gear box, no rack and pinion. turbo S480 Ron mechanical fuel pump, hks wastegate, 2 tial blow off valves, 10 1600 injectors, micro tech lt12, new 10.5 x 8 tires, single bead lock wheels, strange rear with 35 spline axels, eboost controler, gforce clutchless tranny 2000 with a mclaude clutch.
The Motors has 0 hours from recent build and he is not planning on taking it to the track any time soon.
The best time of this car is 8.1 @ 171 mph
HP 780 @ 35 psi of boost.

Gold 1982 A reg Mk2 FB SOLD

We originally sold this car to a customer who has since spent the last 9 months giving her the TLC she deserved.
Se her as she was in the section below, to give you an idea of how clean she was to start and how she has been refurbed in to the condition she is now.


Gold 1st generation RX7 mk2 for sale, clean car with little or no rust. Seals, doors and usual rust areas are clean. genuine 40,000 miles, always garaged by myself and previous owner. 4 good tyres, just fitted starter motor and upgraded oil cooler to mk3 water cooled oil cooler.

Online Catalogue | Used parts cars and bikes | Used Mazda parts & cars | Used Mazda RX7 1st Gen parts |  Used Mazda RX7 1st gen cars